Oh Please, Not Another Gift Guide!

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The most obvious thing to do in my mind at this time of year in order ot monetize my sight was to write a Christmas gift guide for anyone who might be interested in doing some indoor gardening.

I have affiliates on here, such as Amazon. When you link to Amazon from this site, and buy  any products within 24 hours of doing so, I get a small commission. I will be adding affiliates as I go, because that is the only way I have to make a living at this time. If I can’t make a little money, I can’t continue this site. It would be nice if I got paid for my wonderful personality and unique writing style, but I don’t.

So I spent a couple of  weeks before Christmas trying to put together a list of items that could be considered gifts for the indoor gardener. You know the stuff……like food grade buckets if you’re into Hydroponics, compost starter if you want to use soil, micro-rooters or Jiffy Pots for seed starting. Lights are a good thing if you are truly growing indoors or perhaps greenhouse kits if you are more the indoor/outdoor type of gardener.

All of these are good, but pretty common. Most of these things I’ve written about on other posts, so if you need some information about which to choose, check them out. Good reading.

Each and every time I went back to the gift guide post to add more stuff, all I could think was, oh no, not another gift guide. Surely I have more imagination than that.

Time For Change

As the last year has gone by, I find myself more and more interested in prepping and homesteading. My interest in prepping is more generic than what we usually hear about in the media. I think autumn-scene-1303675766a1xit only makes sense that if you live in an area where natural disasters are likely from time to time, you prepare for such. If you live in a tornado alley so to speak, you should have an underground shelter of sorts in order to ride it out, with of course some provisions for a couple of weeks in case your house is demolished. Insurance helps for rebuilding, but we all know how slow that can be.

The same is true of people most likely to find themselves in the path of a hurricane. Lower lying areas like the states on the Gulf of Mexico have to either build houses that can withstand the powerful winds and are far enough back from the shore or built high enough on stilts to keep from being flooded, or have a clear evacuation path planned out. Most people don’t want to evacuate because they don’t trust the police to be able to keep their house from being looted, and once the hurricane goes by or through, they won’t let you back in to your house for about 2 weeks. Sometimes the hurricane takes a drastic turn at the last minute and ends up bypassing you all together. If you wait long enough for that to happen, the evacuation routes can be filled with bumper to bumper barely moving traffic.

tornado-310431_960_720In some places, forest fires are common and the people in that area should take all precaution possible to survive in such an event, but often the situation is much like a hurricane. The wind direction changes, and suddenly your plans change for the good or the bad.


Now this seems to be the most common fear among preppers, not zombies. I understand this concern, and to some extent, I sympathize with them. The problem I have with this theme, is some of these folks want to spur it on, facilitate the uprising. I’m against this, because it seems to be rooted in hatred. Hatred for the President, for Democrats or Republicans, and basically,  hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like they do. I hate that!

I do not want this to be a political site, so if and when I discuss being prepared, it is not meant to be a political statement. It’s simply meant to help you turn the worse case scenario into a more than bearable experience so that you not only survive, but thrive.

Growing your own vegetables can aid you in this quest. Saving extra water can help and it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra gas either. In most disasters, your electricity will be cut off for some time. We had a tropical storm go through here around 2006.  I lost electricity for 30 minutes, but my landlord, who lived on the other side of the river, did without it for 2 weeks. She was in high rise condominiums, so she didn’t really have the option of a generator. Had she lived in a house she could have used one, provided she had saved some extra gas.

To Wrap It Up

In any case, I’m just letting you know what’s to come in 2016. There is still plenty more to talk about when it comes to gardening at home, but I don’t want to cover the same topics over and over. So I’ll be diversifying to some extent.

Shameless Sales Pitch

So, here we are, fat and sassy. The holidays are over for the most part, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating quite a bit of stuff that could be considered anything but healthy. I make no apologies-I’m fat. I’m around 6 ft. tall and I’m small boned, but I weighed in day before yesterday at 200 lbs. I’ve been around 193 for the last couple of years, but most of those extra 7 lbs. I gained since Thanksgiving. Even I have to say enough is enough. It’s just too much weight for me to carry. A few years ago, I took some advice from a guy named Mike Geary, who runs a site and business called The Truth About  Abs. Mike is a nutritionist and very savvy when it comes to what you need to eat to cut down on the extra pounds. His ideas worked for me at the time, coupled with short exercises called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  I ran into a series of road blocks, such as my Dad passing, my Mom having dementia setting in, not being happy at work, etc., although I don’t consider those acceptable excuses. I’m back at it now though, and the first person I turned to was Mike Geary. If you’re interested in a little direction on this subject, check him out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

5 tips

So as always, be sure to leave any comments if you have something to say or just want to argue. I always respond.


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